What have we here? #5

From Steve On Steins visitor Red:

“Subject: E bingham

Message Body:
Hi, I have had an E.Bingham signed piece since my Dad’s death 20 years ago. It is a pitcher with a metal spout with horseshoes. Brown glaze in color. I don’t know where to look to find it’s value. It was on my parent’s porch for 55 years, before I got it, so it’s been in my family for over 75. Do you know where I can find any information. Thank you for your kind response. Red”

Let’s see if we can help Red figure out some things about his pitcher.

What have we here? #4

From Steve on Steins visitor Marcia:

“Subject: copper pass cup

Message Body:
I inherited a copper pass cup with some almost indecipherable signatures (one appears to be “Adams”) and marks including what looks like a lantern. It has a tin lined bottom. It is solid copper- very heavy with soldered not riveted handles and I think it is about 200 years old. Who would I contact for more information

Anything you can do to help me figure out what this is. It came from a house in Ellsworth Me.built in 1822 that my parents bought and restored in 1974. My brother took this from the house when my father died and when he died last year his widow gave it to me. The “story” my father told my brother was that it was made by a coppersmith who worked on shipbuilding for Nahum Smith who built the house and was a “mariner”.”

Let’s give her a hand in answering some of these questions…


What have we here? #3

From Steve On Steins visitor Bruce:

“Subject: Drinking horns

Message Body:
Dear Sir

I have a drinking horn in the same shape and about the size of the one you have a in the picture the stag is replaced by a fish and the date on the stand is 1889
I believe is from either Denmark or Norway

I know you do not do appraisals but if you can direct me to someone that can tell me more

Thank you”

Take a peek – and see if we can help Bruce find out more about his Drinking Horn.

What have we here? #2

From Steve On Steins visitor Marie…

“Subject: Stein inherited

Message Body:
Hi! Love your site and knowledge.

I have a clear glass stein with pewter lid that appears to be hand etched due to small differences in symmetry. It has no marks at all but seems to have an ornate “K” with perhaps a “J” etched as a monogram.

Any idea where or when this was made? My aunt traveled throughout Europe in the early 20th century.”

Let give Marie a hand and help her figure these things out…

What have we here? #1

From Steve On Steins visitor Patty…

“Subject: Great grandfathers pewter baby “mug”

Message Body:
My mom has a very pretty pewter baby mug from at least my great grandfather ( born circa 1888). It has his initials engraved, what appears to be a stamped design of a bowl with plants and flowers. There is a “1” stamped into the bottom. We are wondering if this was his father’s or earlier. Also, what does the “1” mean? Thank you!”

Let’s give her a hand in identifying the possible origins and age of her little “mug”…

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